ArmourCoat can help at any stage of the flooring process,from consulting during the planning stage through to installation and maintenance.


We offer a range of coating solutions to suit all types of commercial, industrial operations, as well as decorative flooring for any environment. These flooring solutions are available in a wide variety of colours.


Decorative Flooring Solutions


High-solids epoxy coating

High-solids epoxy coating is a heavy-duty flooring system that offers years of protection and is especially effective against chemicals and abrasion.

Typical use areas include: chemical plants, equipment rooms, food processing plants, loading docks and ramps, warehouse, dairies, cafeterias, nursing homes.

Self-levelling systems

Self-levelling systems are available in high strength and soft feel.

They offer maximum durability for vehicular activity or maximum resilience to prevent operator fatigue.

Fast installation means minimum disruption to operations. Typical use areas for self-levelling systems include: industrial workshops, distribution warehouse, laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals, schools, office suites, electronics manufacturing plants.

Trowel-applied epoxy flooring

The trowel-applied epoxy flooring system provides excellent adhesion to concrete as well as high impact resistance. Its skid resistance makes it suitable for wet areas too. It’s an economical option for restoring old and worn floors, and is also suitable for coving. The trowel-applied system is ideal for mechanically and chemically hostile environments.
Typical use areas include: chemical plants, power plants, processing facilities, animal housing, battery rooms, brewery bottling, dairies, showers, locker rooms.

Solventless epoxy coating high build system

This system offers good resistance to chemicals and solvents. It is hygienic, so it doesn’t taint foodstuffs, making it an excellent choice in food production settings.The high build application is abrasion-resistant and provides long-term protection, as well as being very easy to clean. Typical use areas include: food and beverage processing plants, commercial kitchen, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, dairies, food technology establishments.

High solids anti-slip epoxy floor coating - heavy duty system

This system’s highly variegated profile provides maximum traction in wet conditions. It offers excellent wear resistance to heavy vehicles and machinery.The coating is highly resistant to chemicals, impact, abrasion and corrosion. Typical use areas for self-levelling systems include: ramps, wharves and loading terminals, fuel depots,industrial plants, commercial fishing operations, printing plants, mining maintenance shops

decorative flooring


Acid staining creates a multi-shaded and mottled marble look. A wide range of colours can be created by blending base colours. Marble-tone is durable, economical and easy to clean. Its versatility makes it a stylish alternative to tile, slate and marble. Marble-tone concrete flooring finishes are an ideal solution for use in: Shopping centres, salons, retail stores, cafes, custom homes.

Vinyl chip flooring

Multi-coloured vinyl chips are embedded in a pigmented epoxy base. The chips are coated and sealed with successive coats of clear polyurethane. A range of chip sizes and colours are available to match your style requirements.